Top 11 Remote Working Roles to Consider (and Tips to Make WFH Work)

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As Singapore continues to navigate through the new normal, the workplace is still in a state of constant shifting. Even as COVID-19 restrictions loosen up and more workers have been returning to their offices, many employees are considering sticking to a permanent WFH setup. In fact, 51% of Singaporeans said that they were already willing to work for a remote employer, according to JobStreet’s 2020 Decoding Global Talent report.

The pandemic may have also affected people’s perceptions of leaving the country for work: of 23 industries surveyed: only nine said that they were willing to work abroad. The desire to move overseas for professional reasons has declined for Singaporeans. Virtual working has become the norm, compounded by the uncertainty of travelling amid the pandemic.

Although the persistent COVID-19 situation will likely lead to a more long-term work-from-home or hybrid arrangement, there is merit in checking out permanent, location-independent employment, especially if you have decided that you prefer more flexible setups.

When Should You Consider Working Remotely?

While some employees are built for the 9-to-5 scheme, others thrive better on the concept of working in autonomy and away from prying eyes. If you consider yourself an independent worker with initiative and the capacity for self-management, then you may work well within a remote scheme. Otherwise, if you work better in the company of others and need constant collaboration and feedback, then a conventional setup may be more up your alley.

Top 11 Remote Working Jobs in Singapore
Top 11 Remote Working Jobs in Singapore

Contrary to popular belief, a remote working scheme may also work for employees who want to strike a better work-life balance. While a WFH system can easily disrupt your home life without proper time management, learning to prioritise and arrange your schedule can help you make time for other pursuits, responsibilities, and activities.

Tips For Working From Home

Working from home requires discipline, which can be managed with a framework in place, according to VS Pandian, Chairman, Principal Consultant & Executive Coach at training and coaching consultancy Leadership Resources. Here, he shares with us his personal tips for enhancing productivity, which were inspired after he read Stephen Covey’s bestseller The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People.

#1 – Wake up early – “As early as 5.30—6.00am. I do my daily ‘rituals’ around to live, love, learn, and to leave a legacy. These are the 4 needs of all human beings. I usually have a 45-minutes yoga session to take care of my physical health. Then I make some coffee for myself and my wife, and deliver it to her in the room, where I spend a few minutes chatting and joking with her. While having my coffee, I pick up the book that I have been reading. What about leaving a legacy? This is done at the very beginning, even before the yoga – I do pranayama (yogic breathing) and meditation for an hour in the prayer room for spiritual clarity.”

#2 – Curate your attention – “Since about 15 years ago, I have not subscribed to or read any newspaper. Despite this, my news updates is usually current and I can get it from the radio or TV. I usually watch the news or some documentaries, and we do not subscribe to any cable channel.”

#3 – Minimise your distractions – “I reduce distractions from my smartphone by not looking for messages regularly. People do call me if something is urgent, so only my phone’s ringtone is activated, all other media tones are silent.”

#4 – One thing at a time – “When I am working, my focus is on the job at hand only. I do not multi-task. Research has shown that multitasking does not work for most human beings; it definitely does not work for me. My wife would beg to disagree – she can multi-task, especially while cooking!”

#5 – Practice mindful habits – “Eat healthy and eat light. Take a short afternoon nap, and go to bed before midnight.”

If you’re thinking about embarking on a work-from-home career, here are the top 10 remote working roles we recommend you consider.

Top 11 Remote Working Roles

Data Scientist

As big data continues to shape and inform business strategies across all sectors, data science has become instrumental to the evolving workforce. Data scientists mine meaningful insights to plan with data-backed evidence, in addition to monitoring and assessing performances.

Look for data scientist roles here.

Software Engineer

Although Singapore is emerging as one of the most vibrant tech spots in Asia, there is a lack of software engineers in the city-state, according to Techwire Asia. With various platforms and applications looking to disrupt and redefine different industries, software engineering is a highly in-demand job where you can enjoy plenty of opportunities. As a software engineer, you will be in charge of developing proprietary software and working on algorithms for automation. This role requires programming skills, as well as in-depth business domain and system knowledge.

Look for software engineer roles here.

Social Media Manager

Working as a social media manager or executive has become a truly viable career in recent years. As people continue to flock to the online sphere, creating and maintaining an effective social media presence is becoming more and more vital for businesses. Plenty of social media jobs are remote since most of the work is performed online.

As social media manager, you need to be savvy with the current and appropriate social channels for your brand. You will plan, create, and track each social media campaign, alongside the prompt handling of feedback and communication with consumers. Knowing how to leverage social media trends and moment marketing is also a plus. Today’s social media managers require a mix of digital marketing skills, community management, and communication.

Look for social media manager roles here.

Digital Marketing Consultant

Digital marketing consultants can work from anywhere, as long as they can plan, develop, implement, and track their brand’s online marketing strategies. A digital marketing consultant applies marketing fundamentals and their understanding of your target consumers to create a comprehensive and tactical strategy across different platforms.

Look for digital marketing consultant roles here.

Customer Service Representative

Those who want to get into customer service can now work from the comforts of their home. While there are customer service representatives who work in call centres, the pandemic has forced the customer service sector to adapt to a remote-based scheme. Today, you can find several home-based roles in customer service. This role requires excellent communication skills, as well as the ability to answer and respond to issues in an efficient and timely manner.

Look for customer service representative roles here.

Full Stack Developer

Another tech-based job that works as remotely is that of a full stack developer. A full stack developer works on the entire life cycle of software development, developing and implementing the front and back ends of a website or app, catering to user experience and functionality.

Look for full stack developer roles here.

CRM Manager

While its role is similar to one who works in customer service, a CRM (customer relationship management) Manager is tasked to handle long-term relationships with clients, building and maintaining these relations, in addition to problem-solving. While some CRM roles require face-to-face interactions with clients, many CRM managers can conduct their work through online calls and videoconferencing, among other channels.

Look for CRM Manager roles here.

IT Support Specialists

As several brands and businesses transition to the digital sphere, IT support specialists have proven to be even more essential during these times. They are responsible for analysing, troubleshooting and evaluating technology and computer system issues, whether for internal clients, employees, or external clients as part of their services.

Look for IT Support Specialists here.

Personal Assistant

Today, even personal assistants can work remotely without necessarily following their boss around all the time. In a remote-work capacity, personal assistants have the responsibility of taking calls, scheduling meetings, organising schedules, and flagging any important messages or emails.

Look for Personal Assistant roles here.

Telesales Officer

Even telesales officers or representatives can work from home. Telesales officers are in charge of meeting regular KPIs and quotas through the making of outbound telephone calls. They also need strong persuasion skills to convince those on the other line to purchase their products or services.

Look for telesales officer roles here.


Translators convert crucial documents from their source language to one or more languages. As a job that primarily relies on output, there are several home-based translation roles for various kinds of organisations and companies that need to localise certain content or documents.

Look for translator roles here.

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