Top 20 most environmentally polluting countries in the world


The world’s most toxic 20 countries in terms of environmental pollution have been announced, with the top of the list occupied by major oil producers such as Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, and Qatar. The result makes sense considering the pollution problems associated with oil production including waste gases, waste water and soil contamination.

The list includes some Asian countries such as China, Korea and Singapore. The seriousness of China’s pollution has led some to claim that it is “too late” to introduce remedies, Singapore has had its haze episodes, and South Korea is having the levels of pollution particles in its air monitored by a NASA research team. So, there are a variety of environmental problems within the region.

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The list was created by The Eco Experts, a portal for green-energy related products, with the aim of measuring pollution levels in 135 countries/regions globally.

The 20 most polluting countries in the world 

20. China
19. Iraq
18. Singapore
17. Macedonia
16. Korea
15. Mongolia
14. Bosnia and Herzegovina
13. Bulgaria
12. Luxembourg
11. Iran
10. Trinidad and Tobago
9.   Kazakhstan
8.   Libya
7.   Turkmenistan
6.   Oman
5.   United Arab Emirates
4.   Bahrain
3.   Qatar
2.   Kuwait
1.   Saudi Arabia


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