Top 4 fitness fixes for men

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Even superman had those days when he didn’t feel so good in his spandex suit. If you want to banish those problem areas and have a body you’d be happy to flaunt in a roomful of Miss World’s read on for your fitness fixes.

Man boobs
No man wants to have a pair of man boobs. They jiggle in the gym, wobble on the beach and swing when you walk. This does nothing for your self-confidence and can make you too self-conscious to take off your top or wear tight clothing.

Fact: Man boob-conscious men are on the rise. Apparently, in the UK surgeons performed 323 breast reduction procedures for men in 2008. In 2005 only 22 man boob-based operations were carried out. Last year in the US, 18,000 breast reduction procedures were performed.

The cause:
All men have breast tissue, but some men put on excess fat in this area due to a poor diet or a lack of exercise. Other men develop man boobs because of steroid use, while some boys, teens and older men develop larger than normal breasts because of a condition called pubertal gynaecomastia.

The solution to man boobs:
If you have developed a set of man boobs because of a poor diet and a lack of exercise you have a simple solution to your breast issues; exercise and nutritional food. Supersets (two exercises done back to back without a break) are great for getting rid of your man boobs. Try a combination of the dumbbell press, press-ups, dumbbell flye, the seated row or the dumbbell reverse flye to ditch your man boobs forever.

Beer belly
If your beer belly has become so large you regularly get asked when you’re due, you might be looking to part ways with your stomach accessory.

Fact: If your waist is bigger than 40 inches doctors believe you are at risk of developing heart problems and metabolic syndrome.

The cause: Men are more likely to develop a large stomach because males store excess fat in their stomach area, while woman with excess fat tend to deposit it across their arms, thighs, behinds and tummies. Older men tend to be more prone to developing a beer-belly because older guys tend to be less active and need less calories on a daily basis than younger men.

The solution to a beer belly: Although alcohol is not the sole culprit that has helped you to develop a beer belly, it is highly calorific. Alcohol also causes us to feel hungry and eat fatty foods. So, cutting back on your after-works drinks or weekend drinking sessions might be the first things you target if you want a fitness fix for your round stomach.  

Double chin
Everyone has been there at some point; you browse through your Facebook photos from the night before and suddenly come across a shot of you with a double chin. In some photos, from some angles, most of us can look like we have a double chin, but if yours seems to be sticking around check out this fitness fix.

Fact: In 2007 a man called Ashrita Furman made his way into the Guinness World Record books by balancing 81 pint (20oz) beer glasses on his chin.   

The cause: The double chin conundrum can be caused by lots of things. Firstly, excess weight can be the cause, but aging skin and genetics might be the reason why your chin has gone south.  

The solution to your double-chin:
If your double-chin is the result of excess weight you need to get moving. Cardiovascular exercises are great for helping you to lose weight from all over your body, so you could try jogging, skipping or join a netball or basketball team.

Love handles
Although it can be nice to cuddle up to someone with a bit of cushioning, despite their name love handles aren’t exactly attractive. If you want to downsize and trim your fat then check out this handy fitness fix fact-file.

Fact: Most people think love handles form on your stomach, but actually they form on your back.

The cause:
The main cause of love handles is excess fat, which is the result of a lack of exercise or an unhealthy diet.

The solution to love handles: You can combat love handles by eating the right foods. Swap sugary drinks for water with lemon juice, white bread for soda bread and try to eat protein with your breakfast and lunch. Things like lean meat, cottage cheese and eggs are all excellent sources of protein and these foods will keep you feeling full throughout the day. This means you won’t be so tempted to reach for those snacks and in turn, after some time and dedication, you should begin to lose your love handles.

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