Top 8 Hidden Gems in the Local Music Scene

Hillary Joven

Top 8 Hidden Gems

in the Local Music Scene

By Hillary Joven

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Anyone who says “OPM is dead” needs to do a little bit of digging in our local music scene. Stalwarts such as Sandwich and Gloc 9 have been keeping the scene alive, but there are tons of up and coming acts like Reese Lansangan and Ourselves the Elves that have hit the ground running. But beyond these familiar names, there are more amazing artists that have largely remained hidden from the mainstream view. We’ve got 8 of the best right here for you.

Kapitan Kulam


Kapitan Kulam. Band Rehearsal, Full Version of Fugazi Cover Shut the door.

Posted by Rodolfo Sabayton Jr. on Friday, October 21, 2016

You may be familiar with Radioactive Sago Project and their biggest hit, Astro Cigarettes, but did you know that frontman Lourd de Veyra has another band called Kapitan Kulam that plays doom and sludge rock? The four piece usually plays one of their smashing live sets in all-white attire, so be sure to catch them at one of the metro’s bars if you can.



If you’re looking for a chill group to listen to, look no further than Alasmedya. With acoustic guitars accompanying Sean Cedro, JR Reo, and Jack Majadas’ vocal harmonies, this four piece acoustic group create the perfect music to wake up to.



The first thing that comes to mind when listening to alt rock band Devices is, “Damn, they sound like the ‘Is This It?’-era Strokes”. While that might not be a fair assessment of their range of abilities, Devices takes notes from Julian Casablancas and co. and turns it into their own. An outstanding example of this is Flowers, a catchy pop rock melody and great instrumentation to boot.



Wilderness’ music is a funky, groovy mishmash of good old psychedelic rock and roll. Their latest offering “Ballroom Dancing” is 10 songs of strangely energetic music that will make you want to get up on your bed and dance along.