Top health/fitness apps: massage tips, first aid, and finding a baby-friendly restaurant

Top apps around the globe this week include a slew of apps to track your fitness as well as instructional apps to perform first aid and give a soothing massage, and and one to help you find good places to take your baby.

Here are details on a selection of the top ten iTunes paid and free health and fitness apps by country/region for the week, recorded on June 20.

Japan: Lunaluna Light
This app tracks your period and ovulation days and offers beauty tips for your skin and hair based on your hormonal balance. Ranks as the fifth most popular free health app in Japan's Apple Store.

US: First Aid by American Red Cross
The official American Red Cross First Aid app features videos, interactive quizzes, and simple step-by-step advice to guide you through everyday first aid scenarios. Ranks as the fourth most popular free health app in the US Apple Store.

Canada: Abs Workout Free
This ab-crunching app offers an illustrated guide to perfecting your abs, with tips on what foods to avoid to trim the belly bulge. Will send motivational messages to your email. Ranks as Canada's fifth most popular free iTunes health app.

Germany: HiPP Baby App
The free HiPP Baby app shows you useful addresses of baby-friendly restaurants and cafes, changing rooms, playgrounds, zoos, etc. Germany's fourth most popular free health app in the iTunes store.

France: Le Massage
This app teaches you the methods of giving a relaxing full-body massage complete with video instruction. Ranks as the sixth most popular paid health app in France's Apple store. €2.99.

Spain: Good Nico
This interactive app is designed to help smokers kick the habit by tallying up how much money you're saving by not buying cigarettes. Plus you can share your achievements on social media sites. Third most popular paid health app in Spain's App Store. €0.79.

UK: Strava Cycling
Record all your rides, analyze your performance, and see how you stack up against friends and locals. Set new personal records and try to beat your friends' times. Ranks as the seventh most popular free health app in the UK's iTunes Store.

India: India Home Remedies
This free app contains more than 150 remedies to cure common ailments with ingredients from your kitchen. Ranks as India's ninth most popular free health app in the iTunes Store.

Philippines: LogYourRun GPS
Keep track of your running and other exercise progress, map your rides, analyze your metrics, and share all the details with friends on social media sites. Features voice feedback and integrates with heart rate monitor devices. $1.99.

Australia: FoodSwitch
This app allows users to scan barcodes of thousands of packaged foods with a smartphone camera to read nutritional info. Plus the app offers ideas for healthier choices and allows you to share your program via Facebook and Twitter. Ranks as Australia's eighth most popular free health app in the Apple Store.