Top iPad apps: Cut the Rope: Experiments HD, Subway Surfers

A new version of the hit game Cut the Rope is topping charts in the USA, the UK, France, Japan and Germany. The platform game Subway Surfers is popular in Australia and Italy. Details of these and other top free iPad applications by country* for the week, by number of downloads, recorded on May 28 can be found below.

01. USA
Cut the Rope: Experiments HD (games)
Based on the popular physics-based game Cut the Rope, the Experiments HD version incorporates a mad scientist, robo arms and 150 new experiments. Players move robot arms and cut ropes in order to direct pieces of candy into Om Nom’s mouth.

02. UK
Cut the Rope: Experiments HD (games)
See ‘Cut the Rope: Experiments HD.’

03. France
Cut the Rope: Experiments HD (games)
See ‘Cut the Rope: Experiments HD.’

04. Canada
Mega Run - Redford’s Adventure (games)
Mega Jump creator Get Set Games has added a new platform game to its portfolio. The fun game features cute cartoon characters, fantastical landscapes and easy-to-pick up game play. Players race through new worlds while picking up coins and jewels on the hunt for Redford’s lost family.

05. Japan
Cut the Rope: Experiments HD (games)
See ‘Cut the Rope: Experiments HD.’

06. Australia
Subway Surfers (games)
This train-themed platform game has players running across train tracks, up and down carriages and across power lines while trying to pick up coins. Double click to jump on a hoverboard to boost your speed as you dodge oncoming trains and escape from authorities.

07. Germany
Cut the Rope: Experiments HD (games)
See ‘Cut the Rope: Experiments HD.’

08. China
大富翁4 Fun HD (games)
This cute cartoon version of Monopoly (which roughly translates to “Richman 4 fun”) has players rolling the virtual dice to move across the board. Players can either buy the plot of land they land on or stay for free if no one else owns it, however, if another player claims ownership you’ll have to pay for your stay.

09. Italy
Subway Surfers (games)
See ‘Subway Surfers.’

10. Korea
맨 인 블랙 3 (games)
맨 인 블랙 3 (“Men in Black 3”) is based on the forthcoming blockbuster of the same name. Players create and manage their own agency, train their own agents and send them off on alien-fighting missions armed with high-powered weapons.

*The countries listed are those markets in which the most iOS devices have been sold worldwide. The list of top ten countries is based on Admob's April 2010 estimate of the worldwide iOS User Distribution.


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