Top iPad apps: The Lorax HD, Ice Age: Village

Over the past seven days gamers all over the world have been furiously downloading the movie-themed games The Lorax HD and Ice Age: Village. Details of these and other top free iPad applications by country* for the week, by number of downloads, recorded on April 16 can be found below.

1. USA
The Lorax HD (games)
The Lorax HD is a physics-based game that integrates elements of smash hit games such as Angry Birds and Cut The Rope. Players click to break objects to remove them from the pile while trying to guide tasty marshmallows down to the ground without letting them roll away.

2. UK
Sky Cloud WiFi (travel)
Sky Cloud WiFi automatically connects Sky Broadband customers to wireless hotspots without needing to re-enter login details or passwords. Existing Sky customers can use the app to access free and unlimited wireless internet at popular destinations around the UK.

3. France
L'Âge de Glace : Le Village (games)
The FarmVille-inspired game L'Âge de Glace: Le Village (Ice Age: Village) has players trying to build the most beautiful village possible, complete with all their favorite characters from the animated movie franchise. It also includes mini-games with the popular Ice Age character Scrat.

4. Canada
The Lorax HD (games)
See ‘The Lorax HD.’

5. Japan
King of Math (games)
The free version of this math-based game features a diverse range of addition and subtraction mathematics questions. King of Math encourages users to improve their math skills with game-based incentives and achievements.

6. Australia
The Lorax HD (games)
See ‘The Lorax HD.’

7. Germany
Ice Age: Die Siedlung (games)
See ‘L'Âge de Glace : Le Village.’

8. China
豆瓣FM for iPad (music)
豆 瓣FM for iPad is a music listening tool that can be personalized to reflect your music tastes. Like Last FM or Pandora, the app learns what you like and don’t like when you tell it to “trash,” “skip” or “like” a song.

9. Italy
L’Era Glaciale: Il Vilaggio (games)
See ‘L'Âge de Glace : Le Village.’

10. Korea
크레이지레인2 - 배틀 (entertainment)
크 레이지레인2 - 배틀 (Krazy Rain Battle 2) is a Tap Tap Revenge-inspired music game in which users try and tap the onscreen notes in time with the music. The real-time multiplayer option lets you battle it out against your friends while skins let you customize everything from the in-game effects to game graphics.

*The countries listed are those markets in which the most iOS devices have been sold worldwide. The list of top ten countries is based on Admob's April 2010 estimate of the worldwide iOS User Distribution.

** Due to regulations on application classification there is no 'games' category in the Korean iTunes store.