Tori Spelling Recalls the First Time She Got Her Period at 14 and the ‘Archaic’ Contraption Her Mom Gave Her

"You couldn't cover this thing," Spelling said of the device, which she recalled looked like “a chastity belt”

<p>Jesse Grant/Getty</p> Tori Spelling

Jesse Grant/Getty

Tori Spelling

Tori Spelling remembers her first period — and the embarrassment that surrounded it!

In a Monday, July 8 episode of her iHeartRadio misSPELLING podcast, the 51-year-old mother of five reflected on the recent Fourth of July holiday and shared a childhood summer story of her own.

“I had a lot of experiences in Vegas, but I had a first very momentous experience in Vegas that I'll never quite forget,” Spelling said in an episode titled "MisSinCity."

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“So, when I was 14, I got my period for the first time in Vegas. And I was there during the summer, and all my friends had gotten their period.”

However, it’s likely that none of her pals had a story quite like hers.

<p>Andrew J Cunningham/Getty</p> Tori Spelling, June 2023

Andrew J Cunningham/Getty

Tori Spelling, June 2023

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According to Spelling, her mother Candy Spelling said the rite of passage was “awesome,” though the then-teen, who considered herself a “late bloomer,” disagreed.

The Beverly Hills, 90210 alum recalled being very excited about a “teeny weeny bikini” that was metallic gold she had planned for the trip.

“We were all prepped for the pool, and then it came,” Tori said of her very first menstrual cycle.

“And I was like, ‘What am I gonna do?’ And my dad came in. He was like, ‘Big hugs. Mom told me the good news — You're a woman today,’ ” she said of her late father Aaron Spelling.

Tori said her mother immediately suggested they get “feminine products.” Her friend recommended a tampon so they could still swim, but Candy didn’t approve.

<p>Tibrina Hobson/Getty</p> Tori Spelling and Candy Spelling, June 2015

Tibrina Hobson/Getty

Tori Spelling and Candy Spelling, June 2015

“​​She was like, ‘Well, when I was a girl and this happened, and my mom got this for me, a belt.’ I was like, what?” Tori said.

The podcaster went on to describe the product.

“I don't even know if they make this anymore. It was, like, archaic even, like, when my mom recommended it. But, it's basically like a snap-on elastic belt that you wear around your waist, and it holds the pad,” she said.

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The Scary Movie alum called it “the fluffiest thing I've ever seen.”

“It was a goddamn diaper. It was a motherf------ diaper. I was wearing a diaper around my waist, and it was an elastic band. It was like you couldn't cover it up,” Tori said, adding that she had no clue how her mother found the product, even in the '80s.

“My friend was hysterically laughing at me, and I was hysterically crying because I was like, ‘Oh my God. What am I gonna do?’ ” the actress recalled. “It didn't matter if I even turned that damn bathing suit around and had the butt part in the front. You couldn't cover this thing.”

Tori compared the bulge to “a penis” and said it looked as if she were wearing “a chastity belt.”

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Eventually, she used her dad’s razor to trim the pad down.

“What a fun Vegas experience. But I'll never forget it. I didn't go in the pool for, like, a week,” Tori said.

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