Tory MPs think Boris Johnson will be their next leader

Tory MPs believe Boris Johnson will be their next leader (Rex)

Theresa May has insisted she will lead the Tories into the next election but Conservative MPs believe Boris Johnson will be the man to eventually take over.

The under-fire Foreign Secretary is the man that one third of Tories believe will take over the role as party leader, according to polling company Populus.

One fifth think that Brexit Secretary David Davis will lead the party next – whether it is is display as leader or as Prime mInister if Mrs May does quit before another election.

The frontrunners for both parties, according to MPs (Populus)

Jeremy Corbyn’s position as Labour leader is somewhat more secure after a better-than-expected General Election result but his own Brexit Secretary, Keir Starmer, is seen as the most likely to lead next, according to Labour MPs.

However, this is only according to just over half of Labour MPs as the other half did not want to make a prediction, according to Populus.

Mr Starmer pulled in 15% of those that did make a prediction, compared to 13% for Yvette Cooper and 11% for key Corbyn ally Angela Rayner.

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Mr Johnson may not take much notice of the predictions, however, after a turbulent few years in politics.

He was seen as the frontrunner to lead the Tories after David Cameron quit in 2016 but he shocked pundits by not throwing his hat in the ring after Michael Gove put his name down in an apparent bid to end the former London Mayor’s chances.

Mr Johnson has come under fire this week in his role as Foreign Secretary (Rex)

The Foreign Secretary have his full support to Mrs May today after she vowed to fight the next General Election as leader, dismissing reports that she had already set a date in 2019 to quit.

Mr Johnson has also faced a barrage of criticism this week from diplomatic sources, with people in his own department reportedly calling him a “liability”.