Tottenham fans fight over keeper’s jersey

Daniel Teo
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Reposted from Yahoo! UK Eurosport

Tottenham fans were happy after watching their side beat Southampton 2-1 on Sunday and then it looked set to really be someone's lucky day when keeper Brad Friedel threw his jersey into the stands.

However, that only led to a Tug of War in the away end as two fans vehemently argued for their right to have the piece of memorabilia.

Eventually one fan gave up in disgust and let his rival take the jersey which seemed to strike up some pangs of remorse from the other fan who offered some cash as compensation.

The defeated fan was having none of it though as he walked off in disgust without his prize, leaving the victor looking somewhat sheepish despite gaining a new jersey.

First-half goals from Gareth Bale and Clint Dempsey helped Tottenham move up to fourth as Jay Rodriguez second-half strike for the Saints ultimately proved to be in vain.