Tourism boards don't want you. #Stayhome

Faroe Islands

As borders close one by one in efforts to contain COVID-19 and more and more countries impose travel bans, some tourist boards have launched campaigns asking visitors to stay away. 

Stay away. Stay home. It sounds harsh, but tourism boards are warning visitors who may be thinking of maximizing the sudden drop in travel activity that they're not wanted. 

In a post titled "Plea to tourists to refrain from traveling to the Faroe Islands," the tourism board implored visitors, in all caps, "to NOT TRAVEL" to the islands until April 13 at the earliest. 

This does not apply to Danish and Faroese citizens. 

Similarly, Visit Estonia used more colorful and forceful language on a Twitter post that read "Visit Estonia...later." Hashtags included #stayhome and #staythef***home. 

Some of the countries that have imposed blanket travel bans to all foreigners in recent days include Poland and Latvia.