Towards smart charging with EV battery diagnostics

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Aiways presents a new type of "three-in-one" EV supercharger.

Chinese manufacturer Aiways is preparing to roll out its first smart superchargers in China, capable not only of recharging any electric vehicle, regardless of brand, but also of providing users with battery diagnostics.

The very first of these superchargers is scheduled to be installed in Shangrao, right next to the Aiways production plant, this September. A hundred more are expected to follow in locations across the country.

At each station, between six and 12 charging points will be available, capable of recharging any electric vehicle (EV), regardless of brand. The Chinese manufacturer claims that, depending on the type of vehicle, between 30% and 80% of batteries can be recharged in just 30 minutes.

But that's not all, because this new generation charger is different in many other ways. First, each station will be able to generate and store photovoltaic solar energy.

Then, the idea is to be able to use bidirectional charging, so electricity can flow both ways between the vehicle and the charging station (a technology called V2G, or "vehicle-to-grid"), in order to optimize the production of electricity according to the needs of vehicles as well as the surrounding environment. However, not all vehicles are compatible with this technology.

Finally, the charging stations also give users information on the state of their EV battery while it charges. The result is a "report" of diagnostics on the car's battery health, particularly concerning its recharging cycles.

These three-in-one chargers could be introduced all over the world, depending on manufacturer interest, with Aiways becoming a forerunner in the field.

David Bénard

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