New in town: Brunch Club by The Halal Corner – Hip fusion concept gives exciting local spin on western favourites

Western food gets a bit old now and then, but The Halal Corner‘s distinctly local spin has proven that their scrumptious potential has yet to be realised. The same folks opened Brunch Club on 9 Sep 2023 to take their pizzazz to new heights (and if we’re not careful, our waistlines to new widths).

Brunch Club - Storefront and interior

As the third branch at Jalan Pisang, this new eatery features a largely different menu, drawing inspiration from the beautiful landscapes of Bali and its carefree air as a love letter to the idyllic region’s brunch culture. Their open-dining kitchen concept is sure to titillate your taste buds as each dish is freshly prepared in-house.

Brunch Club - Bagel and Waffles
Credit – Brunch Club

Have a Bougie Breakfast done right with the classic Chicken & Waffles (S$15.90), Belgian waffles and fried chicken healthily drizzled with a choice of syrup between maple and house-made chilli, and a sunny-side-up egg perched atop it all. Or if you’d rather Rise N Shine to their Salmon Bagel (S$14.90), it comes with bagel halves hugging smoked salmon slices souped up with sour cream, capers and a citrusy dressing. Your choice of egg is an optional extra.

You’ll find yourself gawking at the spread of breakfast options – Tuna & Avacado on Toast (S$14.90), House Pancakes (S$13.90) and House Green & Heirloom Tomato Salad (S$14.90). Those are just a few of the options for vegetarians.

Brunch Club - 5 Pastas
Credit – Brunch Club

A lepak session at Brunch Club calls for the King Prawn Lemak Chilli Risotto ($24). This is a fusion of the starchy rice and local flavours lent by Lemak Chilli sauce which culminates in a uniquely fragrant presentation topped by a fresh, regal-sized prawn.

Other pasta dishes are available all day, including (clockwise from top left) Sambal Balado Gigli (S$20) enriched with a native Indonesian blend of spices, Bucatini Carbonara (S$20) crowned by a grilled king prawn, the slurp-worthy Lemak Chilli Crab Bucatini (S$22) made exquisite with snow crab, and Papardelle alla Fiesolana (S$20) for a more faithful rendition of Italian cuisine.

Brunch Club - Chocolate pancake and Teh Tarik
Credit – Brunch Club

Bring the meal to a close with their signature Teh Tarik (S$4) in the style of sarbat pulled tea, alongside desserts like Signature Pistachio & Chocolate Mousse (S$10), Pancake Ice Cream (S$10) and Chocolate Pancake (S$13.90).

Brunch Club - Bobo

Diners should beware their fearsome bouncer-mascot, BoBo, manning the guard post.

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