Toyota tells American bZ4X electric crossover owners to park their cars immediately [Updated]

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Toyota is recalling nearly 3,000 examples of its brand-new bZ4X electric crossover to address a problem that can potentially result in wheel separation, Reuters reported Thursday. According to the report, sharp turns or acceleration can cause the EV's hub bolts to loosen, increasing the risk that a wheel could come off at speed.

Per the wire service, the campaign covers 2,700 vehicles, of which 2,200 were headed to Europe, just 260 to the United States, 20 to Canada and 110 to Toyota's home market. As of March, Toyota had not delivered a single bZ4X in the United States, so the recall should not have an impact on any existing U.S. customers.

The bZ4X and its twin, the Subaru Solterra, are both assembled at Toyota's Motomachi facility. Subaru has not yet announced a corresponding recall. Autoblog reached out to Toyota for clarification on the nature of the defect and the potential impact for U.S. customers who are awaiting delivery. We will update this story if we receive further information.

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