Canadian TV host Tracy Moore claps back at body shamers: 'Live your life baby girls'

Cityline host Tracy Moore opened up about her life and body in her latest Instagram post. (Photo by George Pimentel/Getty Images)
Cityline host Tracy Moore opened up about her life and body in her latest Instagram post. (Photo by George Pimentel/Getty Images)

Tracy Moore isn't letting haters get in her way.

On Sunday, the Canadian TV host took to Instagram to share a video with an empowering message about loving yourself and not giving in to body shamers.

In the clip, the 47-year-old filmed herself on the beach wearing two different bikinis, glitzy hoop earrings and oversized sunglasses. She smiled and danced for the camera looking sun-kissed and happy while the words: "This bikini body brought to you by five gallons of sangria, 17 pounds of Iberian ham and a dozen gelatos," appeared on the screen.

Moore is currently on holiday in Spain with her family, but took some time out of her busy itinerary to share an important update with her 149,000 followers.

"Someone was concerned about what these images of me prancing in bathing suits might mean for young girls watching my feed. First of all, let’s have a laugh together. Who on here doesn’t know I’m a super-serious — completely goofy — hedonistic A-type who loves the crap outta life? Who?!" she began in the caption.

The "Cityline" host also explained that she hopes to inspire young girls to be themselves.

"I’m mean I’m literally all the things. I’d like to beat up the bad guy while wearing a thong and eating a chocolate bar. I don’t think any of this is a mystery to anyone whose followed me for more than a day. And I hope young girls will see me being unapologetically myself and give themselves immediate permission to do the same. Whether they’re in a burka or a bikini. Live your life baby girls," Moore concluded.

Fans were quick to weigh in on the post and praised Moore for her motivational message.

"Burka or bikini. New song title! Love it so much and love the amazing sides of you. Be You. Because trying to be anyone else (or fit into their definition of what you should be) is useless. Fruitless. Empty. And also, sure to disappoint," wrote Dina Pugliese, the co-host of Toronto's Breakfast Television. "You lead with heart and love and humour. The world needs more of that Tracy!"

"I think you are awesome and great example to all women," commented a fan.

"My little girls and I love your posts! I can only hope they feel confident in whatever body they choose to rock!" shared someone else.

"Tracy keep being yourself and continue living your best life. You are such an inspiration," a follower told Moore.

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