Tracy Moore says this is one of the 'toughest things' you have to do as a mom

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Tracy Moore is encouraging her followers to hang onto themselves amidst their hectic lives. (Photo via @thetracymoore on Instagram)
Tracy Moore is encouraging her followers to hang onto themselves amidst their hectic lives. (Photo via @thetracymoore on Instagram)

Tracy Moore is fighting for herself.

The 47-year-old TV host took to Instagram on Wednesday to share a video inspiring mothers and parents to stay in touch with themselves. In the Instagram Reel, the "Cityline" host shared clips of herself enjoying life by practicing yoga, relaxing in a jacuzzi and laughing with a friend.

"You gotta find you again. Not mom you, or wife you. Just you, sis," said a voiceover audio clip in the video.

In her caption to the post, Moore wrote a motivational message for her more than 149,000 followers.

"One of the toughest things you have to do as a mom is hang onto you. There are a limitless number of obligations and duties that will easily eat you up if you don’t fight for yourself. Hard. Those years with wee ones were tough. But slowly and surely it gets easier to find you. It’s a good feeling, so keep going," the mother-of-two wrote, while adding the hashtag "#MomLife."

Fellow television personalities and fans were quick to fill Moore's post with comments of appreciation, with many sharing how much her words resonated with them.

"Needed this today as I pick egg out of my unwashed hair and will most likely spend half the day in my PJs until I can find 10 minutes to get changed myself," shared "Backyard Builds" host Sarah Keenleyside.

"Couldn’t agree more!!!" wrote Canadian TV host Carolyn Wilbrink.

"I’m on this journey and it’s been amazing," one fan penned. "I quite like me! Missed her!"

"Struggling with this right now. It’s definitely a journey!" another chimed in.

"Thank you, Tracy. Every mom needs to hear this, again and again," commented one person.

"So much 'yes!' I work with so many women who have forgotten themselves along the way. Never forget how important you are," someone else added.

Moore often uses her social media platform to share inspiring and important messages. On Tuesday, she made another Instagram Reel commenting on the internet's response to a preview trailer of singer Halle Bailey, 22, playing Ariel in Disney's upcoming live-action version of "The Little Mermaid."

"Racism is gross but also…silly," Moore began in her caption, commenting on the negative comments people have shared about the upcoming musical fantasy film.

"Folks are saying it’s not possible for her [Bailey] to have red hair, or it doesn’t look like she’s properly underwater or the depiction is historically impossible. Historically impossible? She’s [Ariel] a mythical character. Mermaids don’t exist, y’all, so are we really going for historical accuracy here? The director of the live-action says [Bailey] snagged the role immediately at her first audition. No one came even close.

Moore finished her note with a thought-provoking for her readers.

"Black and brown folks reading this know she [Bailey] had to be ten times better than anyone else who tried out. These are facts," Moore penned. "So could you please let little Black girls have Ariel? As a matter of fact, could you please let all the little kids have Ariel, regardless of race? If you find yourself angry about a mythical character because the actor playing her is Black, you have work to do."

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