'I didn't feel like sucking in': Tracy Moore opens up about body image

'I didn't feel like sucking in,' the Canadian TV host said in a recent Instagram post.

Tracy Moore and her tummy "are friends."

Over the weekend, the "Cityline" host, 48, took to Instagram with a carousel of candid photos of herself, proudly showing off her "stomach rolls." Moore paired it with an inspirational body-positive message for her 153,000 followers.

In the post, Moore included snaps of herself wearing a pair of lime green trousers, a white floral camisole and white stilettos. She also included screenshots of messages she received from fans thanking her for her body-championing content.

"I have been struggling with weight gain since starting menopause six years ago," one person shared with Moore, according to the posted screenshot. "You gave me confidence to feel good about myself again."

"Thank you so much for giving me back my life and for helping me realize that it's ok to look the way I do and wear what I would like to wear," another wrote.

In the caption, Moore penned an anecdote about a professor she had in university who became her "body goals" for looking "comfortable and unbothered" with her stomach rolls.

"She wore a turtleneck tucked into pants," she wrote. "In clear view of hundreds of students she sat at the front of the hall with three mid-section rolls. One, two, three. She looked comfortable and unbothered."

"I remember 21-year-old me holding onto that image of stomach rolls and confidence. Somewhere deep down she became my body goals," Moore continued.

The Canadian TV host explained that if ever she felt comfortable enough to put her stomach rolls on display as her former professor did, she would feel accomplished.

"I asked my producer to grab a shot of me this week sitting like this. It’s sometimes a struggle to show up publicly with a publicly changing body," she shared. "My body has carried two pregnancies, lost one and is now perimenopausal in front of an audience."

Moore added despite there being "an immense amount" of pressure on women to feel ashamed of their stomach rolls, "I didn't feel like sucking in or sitting in a way that might hide my stomach."

"I call that a win," she concluded. "Tomorrow I may not feel the same and that’s ok… because today me and my tummy are friends."

Fans met Moore's message with applause for her vulnerability, including fellow Canadian body-positivity advocate Sarah Nicole Landry — also known as The Birds Papaya.

"I appreciate you so much," Landry commented.

"Could not love you more, Tracy. Your vulnerability and confidence are lessons to us all!," another Instagram user wrote.

Someone else added: "Everything about this is so real!"

"Thank you for sharing this," another fan penned. "I'm so happy to see you unapologetically talk about this!"

Last month, Moore shared another body-positive Instagram post that garnered praise from fans. The mom-of-two revealed her "hot tip" for managing the symptoms of perimenopause in a sun-soaked video of herself sitting in her backyard.

"There is absolutely no God-given reason for my grumpiness so I’m choosing not to investigate," Moore wrote in the caption.

"My hot tip is: I don't ask why. I don't ask why I'm feeling off today. I don't ask why I'm irritated," she said in the clip.

"I accept it. I have sequestered myself from my family."

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