Trader Joe’s Felted Ilex Berries Can Instantly Upgrade Your Holiday Decor

The best part is, you can reuse them year after year.

<p>Courtesy of Trader Joe

Courtesy of Trader Joe's

We know Trader Joe's for its fun and unique grocery items (hello, Everything But the Bagel Seasoning). It’s everyone’s favorite grocery chain for a reason.

But Trader Joe's doesn't just offer food items to enjoy, it also has some really cute home decor items we can't shy away from. And there's one new item in particular on our list that's perfect for sprucing up your home this holiday season: limited-edition Felted Ilex Berries exclusively for the holiday season.

Trader Joe’s is no stranger to handmade felted wool decor for the home. Between its Handcrafted Felted Wool Pinecones ($4) and Handcrafted Felted Woold Holiday Trivets ($8), this store loves festive furnishings that are soft to the touch.

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The handmade berry branches are made with New Zealand wool. Each bunch comes with six branches dotted with red and white holly berries to brighten up just about any room and help get you in the spirit of the season.

However, not everyone is happy with the price tag at $20 per branch. Some customers think these are too pricey for Trader Joe’s.

The Instagram account @traderjoesaficionado posted about the find, saying they “picked some up to put in the office” and they are “perfect decor the holiday season!” While others weighed in about their concern over the price. One user said “Cute but too $$$” while another agreed by stating, “These are sooo cute in person!! They are a little $$$ tho.”

While there may be room for argument about the price, it doesn’t look like it will stop everyone from running out to purchase some of these colorful branches. On that same Instagram post, other commenters said they would purchase these felted Ilex berries for the holidays with one claiming they already did and were “happy” with the outcome. “Everyone has pointed them out and loves them!”

Whether you choose to grab your own set or not, one thing is for sure, you can’t disagree that they are pretty darn cute. And since they are made with wool, they should last a long time, and you won't have to worry about them wilting. Either way, we love to see new holiday decor out there because it gives us inspiration to start decorating our homes for the holidays.

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