Traders unclear about SST


JOHOR BARU: Some traders in the city here still do not have full information regarding the Sales and Services Tax (SST) which will be implemented beginning Sept 1.

Boutique owner J. Thiagarajan, 50, said they were unclear of how the implementation of the SST would affect their business in the future.

He said the uncertainty was with regard to whether or not there would be an increase in prices of goods sold, or if the increase would involve all items or just for certain items.

“It is too early for traders to raise or lower their prices because the SST has not been implemented yet. We agree with the implementation of the law without having to increase the prices because the manufacturers and producers are the ones who are directly involved with the new tax.

“However, information about the SST is important and needs to be distributed to not only the manufacturers and producers but also the traders because they are the ones who deal directly with the customers,” said Thiagarajan.

Meanwhile, Osman Goat Farm operation director Osman Cheya Kutty, 49, said traders were prepared to receive information regarding the SST.

“I have yet to receive any information about the SST but I am confident that when it is implemented, the relevant agencies would provide the necessary information on the matter,” said Osman.

Trader Sah Rabena Akhtar Mohamed Aslam, 36, said to her understanding, only some 6,400 items would be affected by the SST as compared to 11,197 items affected by the Goods and Services Tax (GST) previously.

However, she said so far, the list of items involved has not been announced.

“Maybe the relevant agencies could not provide the information because of time constraint. Hopefully, the SST can be implemented smoothly and would benefit the people,” said Sah Rabena. © New Straits Times Press (M) Bhd