Traditional Water Mill ‘Gharat’ reintroduced in Dharamshala

Dharamshala (HP), Aug 24 (ANI): The Gharat, a traditional watermill used for centuries by the Himalayan people, has now been modified so that it can empower several machines simultaneously and will also provide employment. The water mills have been in use as centuries-old occupation. The Atta made by the machine is much softer, finer, and healthier. Nowadays, Gharats are almost non-existent because 99% of them were closed before the pandemic but the local villagers with the help of administration reintroduced lost traditions, sustainably produce food "atta "and employ others also. An owner of Gharat in Sudher village, Trilok Chand says, "our Gharat must be over 150 years old and after the death of my father it was not functional for last about ten years. But last year, when I had no employment during lockdown in pandemic then we revived our century’s old Gharat. I realized that once it was the sole source of employment for our family and it again helped us when there was no business during the toughest time of COVID-19 lockdown."

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