Trailer: 'Figment: Creed Valley' unfurls musical mental adventure

In the sequel to surreal and light-hearted adventure "Figment," Dusty and Piper explore a new mental landscape, this time seeking to understand The Mind's two fundamental states.

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How do we know that our beliefs are true? Is it bad if we believe something that isn't real, whether by mistake or even on purpose?

In "Figment: Creed Valley," two travelers arrive in the place where beliefs and ideals are formed.

That's where they encounter The Jester, a loud and very tuneful fellow who, once part of The Mind, has broken loose and fragmented the Moral Compass.

There are also various Opinions to talk to, mischievous spirits who bring their own original songs to bear on the explorers' journey, and scattered memories to recover, illuminating the events that trouble this particular subconscious.

Here, progress is made by discovering when to switch between The Mind's two fundamental states, Open-minded and Close-minded; changing tack reveals alternative pathways and puzzle pieces.

The original and acclaimed "Figment" first released for PC, Mac and Linux in September 2017, with a Nintendo Switch edition landing 10 months later in June 2018, a PlayStation 4 version almost a year on from that in May 2019, and an iOS app as "Figment: Journey Into the Mind" in November of the same year.

This Creed Valley epilogue is anticipated for sometime in September, October, or November 2020, with a PC edition confirmed through the game's Steam page.

It was first expected on PC, PS4 and Switch in late 2019; now we know that Xbox and PlayStation are both launching new consoles in late 2020, though it's not yet clear whether this means an expansion in target platforms for "Figment: Creed Valley" and its team at Denmark's Bedtime Digital Games.