"Transformers 4" is China-centric

"Transformers 4" is China-centric

6 Jun – It was reported that the fourth instalment of Michael Bay's "Transformers" will not only showcase several talents from the Chinese entertainment industry, but will also centre on China.

According to Sina, Marc Ganis, president of Jiaflix Enterprises, recently revealed, "The film has a great deal to do with China. Effectively, China is a character in it."

In April, Jiaflix Enterprises, Paramount Pictures, and the China Movie Channel announced that they had entered into an agreement to centre "Transformers 4" in China. The movie will feature a number of Chinese actors and actresses, with a public audition competition launched to select potential stars.

Ganis also revealed that unlike the contrived approach taken by "Iron Man 3", actress Li Bingbing, who was recently casted, will be playing an important role in the movie as a Chinese national.

"There is going to be a single version (of the film) worldwide with a very significant Chinese component," Ganis said.

"Transformers 4" is scheduled to be released next summer.