Transport Canada issues recall for AT-ATs on Star Wars Day

If you’re driving an AT-AT like this one seen at Disney Hollywood Studios in Orlando, Florida, be on alert. (Tori Floyd)

If you’re feeling inundated with May the Fourth memes on Star Wars Day today… that’s just too bad, because the government of Canada isn’t done yet.

Transport Canada issued a recall today for AT-AT Walkers, made by the Galactic Empire:

On certain All-Terrain Armoured Transport (AT-AT) walkers used by imperial ground forces, the central hydraulic system could fail in extreme cold temperatures, such as on planet Hoth or in Northern Canada. This could impair laser cannon tracking, and affect the walker’s ability to maintain balance and could ultimately result in a crash causing injury to imperial troops. Correction: Under development. #Maythe4th”

A little something like this, perhaps?

But here at Yahoo Canada Finance, we did find the lack of attention to detail in places disturbing.

For example:

1. Aren’t the Imperial troops the bad guys? Shouldn’t we be rooting for the AT-AT to go down?

2. Where have they manufactured 10,000 AT-ATs? What sort of import tax is being levied on 20 metre-tall all-terrain vehicles?

3. Is this a nationwide recall? If the cold temperatures are what really affect it (and not grenades being thrown inside), can I still drive my AT-AT in southern Ontario?

Seriously though, it’s a bit of fun from a government office known to enjoy a joke from time to time. On Oct. 21, 2015, Transport Canada issued a recall for the DeLorean, a nod to Back to the Future II in honour of the day when Marty McFly arrived in the “future.”

And they aren’t the only Canadian government department to show their nerdy side, either. Library and Archives Canada documented their “acquisition” of the military records for a certain James “Logan” Howlett, better known to many as “Wolverine.”

We suspect nerd-in-chief Prime Minister Justin Trudeau approves of the departmental edicts.