Transport Ministry gets proposal for emergency call device, mulls implementation next year

Beatrice Nita Jay

KUALA LUMPUR: The Transport Ministry is looking into introducing an emergency call device on new vehicles next year as part of the government's measure to boost the safety of motorists on Malaysian roads.

Its Minister Datuk Seri Liow Tiong Lai said the Ministry has received the proposal on the matter last week and was scrutinising it.

“The proposal was submitted last week and it is currently pending a decision,” he told the New Straits Times today.

Liow, however, did not provide further detail on the proposal.

The installation of the device into new motor vehicles will further improve emergency services in the event of accidents, thefts or other road calamities.

This proposal is said to be similar to the e-Call alert system implemented in the European Union countries, which aimed to help ambulance crew to attend to road accidents faster.

The system, if implemented, will be standardised for all new cars and light vans from March 31, next year.

The e-Call device would alert emergency services automatically via an emergency number.

Basic data such as type of vehicle, time of accident and location would be provided to the emergency services.

BBC had reported that the information would only be transferred when serious accidents occured and the airbag sensors were set off.

This would then send a standard set of information to the emergency rescue services.

Similar safety feature has also been utilised by e-hailing services such as Uber and Grab whereby an emergency button would enable passengers to alert the Malaysia Emergency Response Service.

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