Transvestite records sexual act, extorts victim for RM1,000


KUALA LUMPUR: A transvestite secretly recorded a sexual act with his partner and used it to extort a substantial amount of money from the partner, threatening to release the recording on social media.

According to police source, the 24-year old victim, a Grabcar driver, and the perpetrator known only as Alia had agreed to have sex in the Alia's flat at San Peng flat in Pudu here.

The victim had gone to meet Alia at the flat at 4am on Wednesday.

An hour later, after the duo had done their deed and the victim had left the flat, Alia then contacted him about the raunchy video.

Alia had asked for RM1,000 to keep the video from being circulated but the victim refused.

It was reported that Alia then countered by reducing the sum to RM500 but the victim stood his ground and refused.

Not satisfied, Alia then took to contacting the victim's father, extorting money from him, threatening to wreak havoc at his workplace if the demand was not met.

On Thursday, the victim decided to lodge a police report. The source said police had arrested Alia at the flat on the same day to facilitate investigation.