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This mini trash can from Amazon has a motion sensor for opening and closing, and it makes my bathroom feel kind of fancy

Trash cans probably aren’t on your mind that often, and getting a “cute” one might not be your top priority. But this mini trash can with an automated lid has totally elevated my bathroom, and whenever guests come over, they comment on it. So now, I have to share it with you.

First things first, my goal is to make my bathroom feel like a relaxing spa. I put some effort into finding a great smelling hand soap and the fluffiest towels, and I purchased one of those quick-drying stone bath mats I keep seeing all over TikTok. But my puppy found a way to make it a mess. When he wanted attention, he’d go into the bathroom trash can and tear up tissues, eat cotton swabs and whatever — yes, it was gross. I could have probably worked more on training him, but instead, I eliminated the problem by getting a trash can with a lid.

But not any trash can! The ELPHECO Bathroom Trash Can is a small 2-gallon can with a motion sensor for opening and closing the lid. You can wave your hand over it to open it, and then it shuts on its own. You don’t have to plug it in — it uses a few AA batteries. It even comes with its own set of small trash bags to get you started.

In addition to keeping my pup out of trouble, it’s not a total eyesore. The white can has a ribbed detail on the outside, and you can choose between a gold or gray trim. It’s also only $34.99 on Amazon. (FYI, there’s also a smaller 1.3-gallon size for $26.99.)

Whether you have a pet that you’re worried about getting into the trash, you want to keep your garbage out of sight, or you just like the idea of a fancy trash bin, it’s a good buy. It’s great for a bathroom, office or living room. We recently moved, and I just bought a second one for our new guest bathroom.

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