7 must-have items that can help you stay organized while you travel

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Must-have items to bring on your next trip. (Image via Getty Images)
Must-have items to bring on your next trip. (Image via Getty Images)

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After tying the knot earlier this month, I granted myself one day of blissful rest and relaxation before I turned my attention from planning a wedding during a global pandemic to preparing for a honeymoon—while still in the midst of a global pandemic. 

As brides and grooms know, although the changing health mandates and restrictions are necessary, they can be incredibly stressful to navigate. I knew midway through the wedding planning process that I was going to be in desperate need of a getaway after managing changing guest lists and seating charts.

As a married woman for all of three weeks, my advice to brides and grooms-to-be is to carve out time post-wedding to decompress and reconnect as newlyweds— wherever that may be. Whether you travel to a cottage or hop on a plane across the country or internationally, a few days or weeks anywhere, especially after the stress of wedding planning, is good for the soul. 

Even though I was incredibly excited to travel, I wasn't sure what to expect with COVID-19 restrictions and testing requirements. The only way I knew I could get through the process is by staying calm, healthy, and by being as organized as possible. 

Here are some of the must-have products I packed for my honeymoon, as well as one product I wish I had handy, that can help you stay organized and travel safely. 

A versatile and spacious carry-on 

One of my closest friends gifted me the Canvas Tote by Béis specifically for my honeymoon as a chic carry-on that I could easily bring on excursions or to the beach. 

Béis Canvas Tote

The Béis Canvas Tote contains multiple interior pockets is the perfect carry-on bag
The Béis Canvas Tote contains multiple interior pockets. (Image via Béis)

$98 at Béis

This spacious tote bag not only delivered on style points, but featured a trolley sleeve for luggage as well as multiple interior pockets to store tech and accessories, passports, medication, books, fresh face masks, a change of clothes, travel pillow, blanket and more. Plus, it was the perfect size to keep in front of me on the plane, instead of stowing in the overhead compartment. 

A wrap or travel blanket 

As someone who is perpetually cold, I never travel without my own blanket. Although airlines offered them for free, prior to COVID-19, they were (and still can be) a source of germs and bacteria.

Indigo Love & Lore Variegated Stripe Wrap

Love & Lore's Stripe Wrap is available at Indigo and makes a great travel item.
Love & Lore's Stripe Wrap is available at Indigo.

$25 $65 at Indigo

Some airlines have updated their protocols due to COVID with a promise of laundering blankets after every flight, or giving passengers fresh blankets on long or international flights. Still, for peace of mind, I never fly without an oversized wrap, like this one from Indigo, that I can wear while travelling. 

A travel wallet or portfolio 

This is one item I wish I brought — but purchased for myself as soon as I got home from my honeymoon!

Byron and Brown Personalized Leather Travel Wallet

A travel wallet or portfolio helps you stay organized while travelling during COVID (Image via Etsy)
A travel wallet or portfolio helps you stay organized while travelling. (Image via Etsy)

From $53 at Etsy

I've always been fairly organized while travelling but there's way more paperwork involved when travelling during COVID. I found myself fumbling with pieces of paper to prove we tested negative before flying, boarding passes, passports, money, cards and more. Even though most of the information was also stored on my phone, I'm chronically low battery and accessing WiFi internationally can be tricky.

The next time I travel, I will be travelling with a travel wallet!

Packing cubes with laundry bags 

Using packing cubes with laundry bags was one of the random life purchases that made me feel like an adult. 

OrgaWise Packing Cubes 9 Pcs Set

OrgaWise Packing Cubes 9 Pc Set- Amazon include laundry bags
OrgaWise Packing Cubes 9 Pc Set- Amazon.

$29 at Amazon

Unpacking my suitcase at our resort was so easy thanks to the packing cubes and helped me avoid the pile of clothes that I normally throw haphazardly in my suitcase to rummage through like a raccoon between trips to the beach. Also, packing a laundry bag for a holiday is key to avoiding having dirty clothes or used bathing suits away from the rest of your clothes. 

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Travel jewelry organizer 

Even though I don't travel with valuable pieces, I do like to bring a variety of earrings and necklaces to wear each night during a vacation. 

Jimei Travel Jewelry Box and Organizer

Travel Jewelry Organizer is key to packing your favourite accessories
Travel Jewelry Organizer - Amazon.

$21 at Amazon

Part of upgrading my travelling style was to invest in a jewelry organizer that would prevent me from untangling necklaces, losing track of earrings and misplacing rings. 

This compact unit was so handy and so easy for me to easily reach for my favourite pieces without fiddling with little bags and boxes that can take up space in my luggage. 

Makeup travel case

If you're like me and love playing with makeup looks, then you'll definitely want to try a travel case to keep your products secure and organized. 

Idearsen Travel Makeup Case

Idearson Travel Makeup Case helps organize your makeup and protect your palettes while you travel.
Idearsen Travel Makeup Case - Amazon.

$24 at Amazon

This waterproof case helps you pack your makeup and brushes without worrying about palattes breaking or bottles breaking during transit. I used to travel with a bulky makeup bag, but after purchasing this handy case, I will never, ever go back to my old ways! 

Disinfecting wipes 

It's easy to get sick when you're travelling, whether or not it's during a pandemic. 

Clorox On-The-Go Disinfecting Wipes 12 Count

On-The-Go Disinfecting Wipes 12 Count help sanitize planes and hotel rooms.
On-The-Go Disinfecting Wipes 12 Count (Image via Amazon)

$13 at Amazon

Bringing packs of disinfecting wipes to wipe down my seat on the plane, tray table and TV screen was an absolute must. Even though there are usually hand sanitizing stations throughout public spaces, keeping packets of wipes in my carry-on and purse at all times helped ease some of my travel anxiety during COVID. 

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