Travel Tiktoker claims he was ‘banned’ from Singapore, thrown into airport jail just for taking 10-hour day trip

A popular TikTok user made some serious allegations against Singapore airport police in a viral clip he filmed yesterday.

Travel Tiktoker Alec Donovan alleged in a TikTok posted last night that he was “banned” from Singapore after police decided it was suspicious that he had taken a 10-hour day trip to the city-state to visit the renowned Jewel Changi airport.

“I was taking a day trip there to see the airport but the airport guards found it suspicious that I was only there for 10 hours and without telling me anything, they threw me in airport jail,” he said in the clip.

It is not exactly clear why he was singled out by the police but Donovan teased that there will be an upcoming video (in classic TikTok fashion) explaining more.

The Singapore Police Force has declined to comment on the matter.

The clip, which has garnered over 1.3 million views in less than a day, shows Donovan and four others detained in a small empty blue-lit room with an excessive amount of security cameras.

A man can be heard shouting at another who Donovan claimed was complaining about having his phone taken away from him.

“I am losing my patience with you, get out, you come to Singapore, you fucking behave yourself,” a voice can be heard in the background of the video. Donovan said the police took the man away and he “never saw him again.”

After that, Donovan alleged that the police took all his belongings before interrogating him for an hour by bombarding him with a long list of questions.

They then allegedly locked him in a cell and threatened to send him to Changi Prison. He also claims a detention order under his name was issued.

Due to the vague details in his video, many of the comments from other TikTok users asked for more info on what he did that warranted such treatment he received. Some users called his experience “insane” and “crazy” while others said they were convinced that they would “never” go to Singapore.

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