TRCs personnel perform air defense tasks - Ukrainian military


The military personnel of the Territorial Recruitment Centers (TRCs) are part of the consolidated units and mobile firing groups that perform air defense tasks, the Poltava Oblast TRC wrote on Facebook on March 27.

The TRCs are an integral part of the Ukrainian Armed Forces. They are manned by soldiers who are unable to perform combat duties for health reasons. They can also be transferred to combat units.

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The TRC is composed of both civilian and military personnel. While the civilian personnel do not have uniforms or weapons, the soldiers do.

On Jan. 30, the government submitted the revised mobilization bill to parliament. It proposed lowering the draft age to 25 years, setting the demobilization term to 36 months, introducing voluntary mobilization for convicts, and establishing an electronic notification system for issuing draft notices.

On Feb. 7, the parliament supported the bill in its first reading.

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The relevant parliamentary committee must now process over 4,000 amendments submitted by MPs, Ukraine’s parliamentary Defense Committee chair Oleksandr Zavitnevych said. This extensive process is necessary to ready the document for its second reading in parliament.

The second reading of the bill, including the amendments, could take place by the end of March, Defense Committee MP Fedir Venislavskyi said.

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