TRENDZ: French journalist and youth TV host Oumar Diawara talks success, failure and inspiration

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Oumar Diawara is a journalist who hosts the 'Moonwalk' show on the youth TV channel, France TV Slash.

In this episode of our TRENDZ series, exploring the lifestyle of Generation Z -- young people born between 1995 and 2012 -- French journalist Oumar Diawara talks about fashion, inspiration and failure. These themes come up regularly in his "Moonwalk" show, and resonate with its young audience.


Twenty-four-year-old Oumar Diawara dreamed of becoming a journalist. After a stint at Le Bondy Blog -- an online media project established to give a voice to groups underrepresented in France's mainstream media -- and studies at the CFJ journalism school, he now hosts the "Moonwalk" show on youth TV channel @francetvslash , reaching out to inspire its young audience.

Inspiration, he says, isn't just about success, or the failures overcome, but the journey. All of which is fueling a generation that is "asking itself a lot of questions."

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Some Gen Z takeaways from TRENDZ

The young people of Generation Z today represent 31% of the global population, and almost 50% in certain regions of Africa. On a global scale, they have spent €3,000 billion or just under €60 billion for France.

Eight times out of ten, people use the term Millennials instead of Gen Z to describe the generation born from 1995 onwards. Generation Y -- also known as the Millennials -- still comes top of searches on Google Trends, while Gen Z remains difficult to apprehend, seeing as there are more than 20 terms for naming it.

One major difference compared to other generations, is that Gen Z is characterized by its racial inclusivity. Plus, 48% of Gen Zers value gender fluid or gender neutral brands, according to research from McKinsey.

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