Trevor Noah Calls Out Ann Coulter for Victim Hypocrisy

Kylie Mar
Host & Producer, Yahoo Entertainment

Conservative commentator Ann Coulter recently tried to shame Delta Air Lines on Twitter after it moved her two seats over on a recent flight — and The Daily Show’s Trevor Noah had something to say about it. “Wow. People, this is the civil rights struggle of our generation,” said Noah. “How long will white women be asked to move to the back of — well, not the back but, just slightly over, two seats? Ann Coulter is basically airplane Rosa Parks.”

To assist him on this hard-hitting story, Noah brought in Daily Show correspondent Roy Wood Jr., aka the show’s “Platinum Medallion Aviation Correspondent.” After Noah pointed out that Delta only moved Coulter two seats over within the same row (meaning the same amount of legroom), Wood Jr. exclaimed, “That’s not the point, Trevor! Did you hear me? Aisle to window! That means if she had to pee, she had to pass up to two people and do that weird airplane shuffle where you scoot past people and have to decide whether the stranger you’re sitting next to gets your butt or a faceful of meat.”

Although it’s a fair point, Noah then stated that it’s weird to hear Ann Coulter complain so much since she has notoriously slammed the victimhood mentality of liberals, even stating last month on Fox News, “That was the theme of my book Guilty. How victims turned themselves into the aggressors and thereby wander around creating other victims. Victims are the biggest bullies in the country now.”

Still, Wood Jr. insisted that he is standing by Coulter because “All Legroom Matters.”

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