I tried the internet’s favourite push whisk and here’s why it will become your new favourite utensil

push whisk review
Read our review of the viral automatic push whiskPepplo/Amazon

A whisk is a kitchen drawer essential but can leave you with achy wrists when mixing lots of ingredients. Thankfully, the internet has found a solution: an automatic push whisk.

This nifty kitchen gadget looks like a standard whisk but push the handle down and the whisk will rotate automatically, creating a silky-smooth mixture in seconds.

It’s proven popular on the internet, garnering thousands of views on TikTok, with users praising how fast and easy it is to use.

A quick scroll shows people using it to mix everything from eggs and cake batter to salad dressing and creams.

As a homes writer, I’m always on the lookout for useful gadgets, which is why I was keen to see if the push whisk lived up to the hype. I decided to test one out in my own kitchen, putting it through its paces on a variety of tasks. Read on to find out what I thought.

Push whisk: My honest review

At first glance, the stainless-steel push whisk is nothing special, looking no different from my regular whisk.

Firstly, I decided to beat eggs and make a vinegar and olive oil-based dressing. Pushing the handle down took little effort, while it took less than 20 seconds to complete each task.

push whisk
A perfectly beaten egg, courtsey of my new push whiskLauren Codling

I felt I had more control while mixing too, with no noticeable splashback after use – a nice change to residue flying everywhere! But, most importantly, my wrists remained ache-free and ready to move on to the next task.

I then tried stirring milk and syrup into my iced coffee, and my partner used it to mix protein powder into shakes. Admittedly, a spoon is just as suitable for these tasks, but the whisk was super speedy and it felt like all the ingredients were well mixed.

push whisk
The push whisk is also great for mixing protein shakes (above) and coffee Lauren Codling

One note? Similar to a standard whisk, the push whisk isn’t suitable for thick ingredients and large quantities of food – so don’t get rid of your trusty electric hand mixer just yet!

Push whisk: The verdict

I’m in agreement with TikTok on this one; this whisk has proved such a handy utensil, making fast work of tedious mixing and saving my wrists from previously tiring tasks.

It’s now one of my favourite time-saving products (Scrub Daddy’s damp duster comes a close second) and is reasonably priced at just £6.99.

I use this push whisk on an almost daily basis so if you’re tempted to try one, pick one up from Amazon here.

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