Tried and tested: Lip plumper, repair serum, plant serum

Origins Plantscription Anti Age Serum

Tried and tested: Dr Brandt Lines No More For Lips

Verdict: The pink tube holds a white, somewhat dry cream, which is salve-like in texture. The product is supposed to be used twice a day to minimise fine lines around the mouth and to plump lips and make them look juicier.

And yes, I do see some plumping effect. And yes, the lips do feel more moisturised and youthful. But considering the price I expected more. This product works really well as a lip balm and quite well as a lip plumper, but there are plenty budget-friendlier products on the beauty shelves.

Rated: 3 out of 5.

Tried and tested: Clinique Repairwear Laser Focus Wrinkle & UV Damage Corrector

Verdict: Clinique and I go way back. Our relationship has lasted since I bought my first product in high school, seduced by the beautiful simplicity of the brand’s medical-looking packaging. Our relationship has had its ups and downs, sometimes I try very good products and sometimes I get very disappointed. But with Repairwear Laser Focus Wrinkle & UV Damage Corrector I had my hopes set on a great beauty buy, especially since Clinique promises that after four weeks you get visible results and after 12 weeks you get two thirds of the result of a clinical laser treatment.

Keeping my fingers crossed, I start using this serum, but it takes more than four weeks to get any visible result at all. The eye area seems to be tighter and fine lines get less visible, but for the rest of the face I see no difference in either fine lines, wrinkles, elasticity or firmness. Considering the claims I feel the result is very modest. My love story with Clinique ends here.

Rated: 2 out of 5

Tried and tested: Origins Plantscription Anti Age Serum

Verdict: This serum was launched earlier this year with confident claims that the plant-based complex was as efficient as dermatologists’ favourite ingredient retinol.

My first impression of the product is not very impressive as the colour isn’t great and the smell reminds me of a health food store. Not sensuous or luxurious at all. But little but little I notice a difference in my skin. My 37-year-old complexion becomes more vivid, the dry lines in my forehead diminish and my skin becomes more luminous. After learning that the serum actually works, it is easier to put up with both smell and colour.

After finishing my first bottle I will definitely buy another one.

Rated: 4 out of 5

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