Trinny Woodall wishes good luck to her daughter ahead of university start

trinny woodall daughter university
Trinny Woodall wishes luck to her daughter David M. Benett / Contributor - Getty Images

Beauty mogul Trinny Woodall shared a heartfelt update with her Instagram followers on Sunday (3 August).

In an Instagram Live, the Trinny London founder revealed that her daughter, Lyla, 19, is heading off to university this autumn.

To accompany the videos, Trinny penned wrote a thoughtful message, reflecting on her own feelings as well as well as Lyla’s time ahead at university.

Trinny revealed she has “lots going on,” and was candid about her mental health: “It’s also the time of year that I always experience some anxiety - I always associate it with going back to school, or after school of waiting for a new contract to be re-confirmed so I lived in a hiatus of don’t know if it will happen or not…”

She also revealed that September “is the month of actions,” whereas January “is about setting intentions.”

trinny daughter university

The podcast host and stylist penned: “I’m putting a lot of Post-it notes up With little things on them, which I have done for Lyla in her room at university just a reminder of thing, like -
get up and get moving, a day at a time, 99% of everything you worry about, never happens.

"But for me, I need to look at my language around would, could, and should…. from I should to I AM, From I could to I HAVE, From I would to I WILL X”

Trinny also revealed, “Aged 59 I still think of the school year […] I get the butterflies in my tummy feeling at the beginning of September.”

She added, “I had a really lovely summer with Lyla and it was really important for me to have that time where I could switch off from everything else and just be with her.”

Trinny’s heartfelt post comes after she spent a weekend in Florence with Lyla and their family friends last month. The trip, Trinny said, was focussed on “taking Lyla and our friends around the Uffizi and showing them my favourite paintings.”

“I first came to Florence and studied History of Art when I was 18,” the star reminisced. “Gentle flirting with wonderfully polite Italian boys, buying my first designer bag (albeit fake Fendi circa 1982) walking the streets, eating delicious Italian food - (which I felt I had never eaten properly until I came to Italy) - it’s my favourite country outside the UK.”

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