Trump Backpedals On Raising Gun Purchase Age And Universal Background Checks


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Big thanks to Ariel and Eliot for filling in for me last week! Now onto today’s headliners... PRESIDENT DONALD TRUMP BACKPEDALED ON RAISING THE GUN PURCHASE AGE But has doubled down on arming teachers. Universal background checks also appear to have been cut from the Trump proposal to reduce gun violence. [HuffPost] [Tweet | Share on Facebook] INSIDE THE DISASTROUS INTERVIEW BETSY DEVOS GAVE ’60 MINUTES’ The exchange in which she admits she doesn’t know the stats on her home state is a must-watch. [HuffPost] SELECTION SUNDAY PICKS ARE IN The Virginia Cavaliers, Villanova Wildcats, Xavier Musketeers and Kansas Jayhawks all walked away with a No. 1 spot. And this all means it’s bracket time: Sign up now to play Yahoo Sports Tourney Pick’em. [HuffPost] HUNDREDS URGED TO WASH CLOTHES AFTER RUSSIAN SPY POISONING IN SALISBURY As a reminder, this is not a le Carré novel, but an actual story about the use of a nerve agent on a former Russian spy. [Reuters] ACCORDING TO VLADIMIR PUTIN, ‘JEWS’ MAY HAVE BEEN BEHIND U.S. ELECTION INTERFERENCE The Russian president denied accusations of meddling during the tense interview with NBC’s Megyn Kelly. [HuffPost] BEFORE YOU BUY SOME BITCOIN BECAUSE YOU THINK IT’LL MAKE YOU RICH You need to watch this John Oliver warning about cryptocurrency. [HuffPost] A HELICOPTER CRASHED INTO NEW YORK CITY’S EAST RIVER SUNDAY NIGHT, KILLING THE FIVE PASSENGERS ON BOARD The pilot miraculously survived. [HuffPost] A MASS SHOOTING DESTROYED THEIR LIVES, BUT A CORRUPTION SCANDAL RUINED THEIR HOPES OF JUSTICE “As prosecutors fixated on the death penalty for a killer, some family members of his victims found solace in an unlikely figure... the gunman’s attorney.” [HuffPost]


‘BLACK PANTHER’ PASSED THE GLOBAL $1 BILLION MARK Domestically, it’s the ninth highest-grossing film of all time, debunking the idea that movies with predominantly black casts “don’t travel.” [HuffPost] CHATTING WITH BRIAN DUNKLEMAN, THE MAN WHO COULD HAVE BEEN RYAN SEACREST “I hosted the first season of the biggest show probably in the history of modern television, so it’s an accomplishment that I’m going to be proud of. It didn’t turn out the way that I hoped, but we’re all on our own path.” [HuffPost] A REVIEW OF ‘THE SHAPE OF WATER’ FROM A GUY WHO HAD SEX WITH A DOLPHIN Here’s where we are with humanity these days. [HuffPost] THE INTERNET IS PITTING PADDINGTON AND WINNIE THE POOH AGAINST EACH OTHER In all their CGI glory. [HuffPost] THE NUN BATTLING KATY PERRY OVER A CONVENT SALE DIED IN COURT Sister Catherine Rose Holzman of the Sisters of the Most Holy And Immaculate Heart of the Blessed Virgin Mary was 89. [HuffPost]


HuffPost’s Jennifer Bendery breaks down how Trump is remaking the courts “in his image.” Trump went after New York Times reporter Maggie Haberman over her reporting on his courting of a potential impeachment lawyer. He also attacked NBC’s Chuck Todd at a rally Saturday. This is the same rally where he floated the death penalty for drug dealers like they have in Singapore. Retiring Arizona Sen. Jeff Flake says a Republican should challenge Trump for the nomination in 2020, but didn’t say whether he was signing himself up for the job. “The tainted water crisis in upstate New York that Andrew Cuomo can’t shake.” Christian “health sharing ministries” are a growing alternative to Obamacare. They’re cheaper ― but there’s a catch. Talking to a cybersecurity expert about protecting your kids online. Yes, the length of Kate Middleton’s fingers became an issue over the weekend. Prepare yourself for all the dancing fun in Taylor Swift’s new video for “Delicate.” Colin Firth’s wife confirmed that she had an affair with the man who is now the couples’ alleged stalker. We can’t stop watching this “SNL” Mueller “Bachelor” break-up parody. Kathy Griffin has announced her nationwide tour dates, nearly a year after that Trump photo. Adam Rippon finally met Sally Field’s son. The Church of Scientology is launching a TV network. Oprah just threw a master class in how to respond to Trump attacks. According to Vox, here’s how underpaid teachers are per state. “This is what happens when Bitcoin miners take over your town.” Tim McGraw collapsed due to dehydration onstage in Ireland. And we are completely creeped out by this video of what it’s like to ride Disney’s “Space Mountain” with the lights on. And love this newsletter? Share it with a friend! 

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