Republican Group Gives Trump's New Attack Ad A Scathing Makeover

Ed Mazza
·1-min read

President Donald Trump’s reelection campaign resumed advertising this week and one of its first new spots attacking former Vice President Joe Biden is already being trolled.

The ad, titled “Cards,” is one of two released on Monday, days after the campaign paused all advertising as it reevaluated its strategy amid sinking poll numbers and a change in leadership. The spot shows a woman holding up cards calling Biden “weak” and claiming he has “embraced the policies of the far left”:

But Republican Voters Against Trump (RVAT) ― a group comprised of the president’s critics on the right ― gave those cards a makeover to change the message completely:

The counter-ad is part of the organization’s $10 to $15 million campaign against Trump, with most of the spots using the words of rank-and-file members of the party who’ve turned against the president, saying they’ll vote for Biden. Their website contains hundreds of testimonials, along with a form where voters can submit their own.

Last month, the group told The Washington Post that many of the spots will air in swing states, including North Carolina, Arizona, Pennsylvania, Michigan, Wisconsin and possibly Florida.

Trump maintains consistently high approval levels within his own party. Gallup’s July survey found that 91 percent of Republicans approved of the job he was doing, making it unclear how effective such ads will be in persuading voters.

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