Trump set to speak before group that calls for abortion to be ‘eradicated’

Trump set to speak before group that calls for abortion to be ‘eradicated’

Former President Trump is slated to speak virtually Monday at an event hosted by a Christian nonprofit group that calls for abortion to be “eradicated entirely.”

The Danbury Institute — which describes itself as “a conservative Christian coalition for life and liberty” — says on its website that abortion is “the greatest atrocity facing our generation today.”

“Abortion must be ended. We will not rest until it is eradicated entirely,” the site also says.

The group is hosting the event in Indianapolis in conjunction with the annual meeting of the Southern Baptist Convention, The Associated Press reported.

The event has the potential to bolster Democratic efforts to make abortion a central issue ahead of the November election. Even as polls have the two major parties’ presumptive nominees locked in a close race, voters have consistently said they trust Democrats more than Republicans to deal with the issue of abortion. Republicans are usually favored on issues related to the economy and immigration.

Since the Supreme Court overturned Roe v. Wade in the summer of 2022, abortion bans or restrictions have taken effect in 21 Republican-led states.

Trump frequently takes credit for overturning Roe by noting he nominated three conservative justices who voted with the majority to reverse the federal right to an abortion. But he has shied away from embracing a national abortion ban, saying the issue should be left up to states.

Democrats have already taken aim at the presumptive GOP nominee for his appearance at the Danbury Institute.

“Four more years of Donald Trump means empowering organizations like the Danbury Institute who want to ban abortion nationally and punish women who have abortions,” said Sarafina Chitika, a spokesperson for Biden’s campaign, according to The Associated Press. “Trump brags that he is responsible for overturning Roe, he thinks the extreme state bans happening now because of him are ‘working very brilliantly,’ and if he’s given the chance, he will sign a national abortion ban. These are the stakes this November.”

Trump campaign spokesperson Karoline Leavitt, when asked about Trump’s Monday appearance, told the AP the former president “has been very clear: he supports the rights of states to determine the laws on this issue and supports the three exceptions for rape, incest, and life of the mother.”

“President Trump is committed to addressing groups with diverse opinions on all of the issues, as evidenced by his recent speech at the Libertarian Convention, his meetings with the unions, and his efforts to campaign in diverse neighborhoods across the country,” she added.

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