Trump authorizes sanctions for foreign election meddling

  • J
    How about making sure ILLEGALS do NOT vote!!!!!!!!!
  • J
    So what about the US State Department that has a budget for foreign elections so they can advertise for or against candidates in other countries; or in plain terms "allow the US Government to meddle in foreign elections".
  • T
    President Trump has acted divisively not decisively as according to Bolton on the tariff barrier issue as if he is trying to divert the bigger issue of election meddling which is an impeachable offense .
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    Bobo Belmonte
    the LIBTARDS are aghast that Trump would sign legislation against something that let him win the elections....LOLOLOL
  • b
    This is something that has been going on ever since there have been elections, by many different countries including the USA, I hope they can stop it, but I seriously doubt they will be able to.
  • J
    Is he refering to his country's foreign election meddling?