An affront to allies: US partners blast Trump trade tariffs

Hui Min NEO
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    the canadian companies are owned by chinese. go check it out!
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    Wonderful move by trump. Excellent move by trump. So good to let the American suffered. Well done. If not, those Trump supporters don't know what is suffering is about you US close door trading meant to them.
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    China is not sutpid and they dump metals on Canada, Mexico, Chili and Grermany to just name a few and these countries are the biggest importers to the US.
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    You imported all the cheap material upon which your citizens benefit and now try to inflate the cost by imposing tariffs in turn will distort the market mechanism.
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    How does exempting Canada, the largest exporter aluminum and steel to the US help these US steel workers? It just shows Trump "blinked". The EU will slap tariffs on products that will hurt the GOP base. China will go after US tech imports. The loser will be the US. The GOP needs to find a way to nload Trumpbefore 2020.
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    Trump knows "no friend". He only recognize $$$
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    3 MASSIVE CHEERS for TRUMP - Hip hip Hooray, hip hip hooray, hip hip hooray.

    It's time the world to learns to stand on it's own feet without leeching on the U S of A.

    Enough is enough.
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    This is to show that he's got something to sign, cos countries are signing CPTPP.
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    Now it looks like Donald Trump has totally lost his way in the big global trade maze. It looks like very soon, Trump will be running away with all the former American Allies and foes in hot pursuit to tear his butt off. This time round we wonder who will come to recuse him from his own silly mischief.