Tuesday's Morning Email: Air Force Error Allowed Texas Shooter To Buy Weapons


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THE AIR FORCE FAILED TO ENTER TEXAS CHURCH SHOOTER’S DOMESTIC VIOLENCE RECORD IN U.S. DATABASE Which could have kept Devin Patrick Kelley, who had been convicted of assaulting his wife and stepchild, from buying a gun and shooting 26 people to death Sunday. Half of the people killed in the attack were children ― including one who was 18 months old. Eight of the victims were from the same family. Stephen Willeford, who shot at and pursued Kelley, said, “I’m no hero.” President Donald Trump said that gun control would have left “hundreds more dead” in that church. And here’s how churches and other soft targets can train for a shooting. [HuffPost] [Tweet | Share on Facebook] HOW TWITTER BOTS MESSED WITH THE VIRGINIA GOVERNOR’S RACE By amplifying race-baiting. The big election, which will be decided today, has Democrats worried. And here’s what you should watch for in the races in Virginia and New Jersey. [HuffPost] TRUMP THROWS HIS SUPPORT BEHIND SAUDI LEADERS Following the purge. However, Trump’s Russia probe lawyer previously representedone of the men targeted, billionaire Saudi Prince Alwaleed bin Talal. [HuffPost] HARVEY WEINSTEIN REPORTEDLY HIRED PRIVATE INVESTIGATORS To tail journalists and his accusers and help bury potential accusations. [HuffPost] FLORIDA’S LARGEST INSURER IS GOING TO STOP COVERING OXYCONTIN In an attempt to stem the opioid crisis. [HuffPost] DON’T UNDERESTIMATE THE POWER OF UNRAKED LEAVES TO INFURIATE The attack on Rand Paul may have been motivated by a landscaping argument. [NYT]


THESE PEOPLE ALL INADVERTENTLY INTERACTED WITH RUSSIAN TROLLS ON TWITTER And had no idea. [HuffPost] ZARA CUSTOMERS KEEP FINDING NOTES FROM UNPAID WORKERS IN GARMENTS “I made this item you are going to buy, but I didn’t get paid for it.” [AP] WE ASKED 1,000 PEOPLE WHAT THEY REMEMBERED ABOUT THE NEWS LAST MONDAY “Americans are divided on where they turn for news, how closely they follow current events and whether they trust the media. It shows.” [HuffPost] BEN AFFLECK PLEDGES TO ADDRESS HIS BEHAVIOR AFTER SEXUAL HARASSMENT CLAIMS And he’s donating future profits from Weinstein or Miramax projects to groups benefitting independent film and victims of sexual assault. [HuffPost] YOU’VE GOT 15 DAYS, PEOPLE And we’ve got you covered with all the tips and tricks to win your Thanksgiving dinner. [HuffPost] THE ONE WORD YOU SHOULDN’T SAY TO PARENTS OF A NEWBORN WITH DOWN SYNDROME According to a new PSA. [HuffPost]


Anthony Weiner started his 21-month prison sentence yesterday. Disney is weighing buying the majority of 21st Century Fox. The two NYPD detectives charged with rape have quit. The corruption scandal of Navy admirals has widened. Carter Page revealed meetings with Russian officials in his new House Intelligence Committee testimony. A lot of people lost internet yesterday when Comcast went down. If you’re buying health insurance on your own this year, here’s what you need to know. Blake Lively, is that you? Up that engagement wager you have, as Meghan Markle is reportedly moving to London. We’re thoroughly creeped out by the connection between “It” and “Stranger Things.” Kate Upton and Justin Verlander could not have looked happier at their Italian wedding. According to Alec Baldwin, Melania loves his impersonation of the president. Miss Bumbum Brazil contestants wore ‘beef-kinis’ to protest sexual harassment. Ozzy Osbourne announced this is his final world tour. “House of Cards” fans have a solution to getting rid of Kevin Spacey: Replace him with Kevin James. Sia released a nude photo of herself before someone could try to sell it. Looks like we’ll see all of the affairs in the Season 2 trailer for “The Crown.” Why you’re seeing those $10,000 sparkly boots everywhere. “The year in push alerts.” These brides DIY’d their own dresses and put our sewing skills to shame. Etiquette experts weighed in on the latest photos of Trump and Melania holding hands. “The zombie diseases of climate change.” The final “Fifty Shades” movie trailer is here, and of course the trailer calls it the climax.

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