Tun Ariffin steps down as Chief Justice after 5 years


PUTRAJAYA: Tun Arifin Zakaria today bid goodbye to his judiciary staff after serving as Chief Justice for five years.

Some officers were seen in tears during a sombre and dignified ceremony at the Palace of Justice, as they bid goodbye to a man they see as a role model.

More than 100 judges, lawyers and judiciary staff filled the lobby of the building to attend the farewell ceremony.

Arifin spoke to the crowd and said he thanked the government for giving him the opportunity to lead the judiciary body.

“It is a great honour to carry out the duty of a chief justice.

“I can see a lot of improvement in our judiciary bodies, especially in terms of administration. The performance has improved compared to previous years.

“I hope whoever takes over my position will bring the judiciary to an even higher level,” he told his staff after clocking out at 4.30pm.

Arifin said he was satisfied that he has fulfilled his four promises to improve the judiciary body in the country before his retirement.

His promises include applying and expanding mediation methods in courts nationwide; providing training for judges in the High Courts and the Courts of Appeal to boost their judiciary capacity development; combining higher and lower courts in a method known as Rules of Court 2012; and increasing the judiciary’s integrity.

“I could not have done this without the support of all the judges and judiciary officers,” he said.