Tupperware's Malaysian story

Teh Athira Yusof and Beatrice Nita Jay
Tupperware's Malaysian story

KUALA LUMPUR: Established globally more than 70 years ago, the pioneer in storage products, Tupperware Brands, has grown into a trusted household brand.

Malaysians, who have grown together with the products since it arrived on our shores 53 years ago, have fond memories of Tupperware products since childhood.

The range of products hold a special place in the hearts of many as Tupperware Brands also provide business opportunities to enrich their lives.

To celebrate its 53rd anniversary in Malaysia, Tupperware Brands collaborated with one of our very own cartoonists, Datuk Mohd Nor Khalid, or also known as Lat, for a special edition of its most popular product, Tupperware One Touch containers.

Tupperware Brands Malaysia and Singapore managing director Christine Wong says Lat, who is famous for his quirky and witty cartoons depicting Malaysian life for the past four decades, is the perfect choice for the special edition products to celebrate Tupperware Brands anniversary in Malaysia.

“When we revealed Tupperware’s first-ever collaboration with Datuk Lat, we received a very good response from our dealers.

“Having Datuk Lat is great because his work represents the essence of Malaysian diversity.

“The collaboration is timely as it is launched this month.

“This is Merdeka month and there is nothing better than celebrating our heritage with something that is so close to our hearts. We are all proud Malaysians,” she says.

Lat says that he is delighted and honoured to be approached by Tupperware Brands for the special collaboration.

“The brand has been part of our lives for so many years that we often refer to containers as Tupperware,” he said.

In reminiscing his childhood, Lat says his mother often held Tupperware parties with her friends at their home in Sungai Rokam, Ipoh, in the 1960s.

“My siblings and I would often wait at the end of the party to find out what was in the small packages.

“Tupperware was trending at the time for its unique designs. Its containers were transparent with vibrant colours. I think that is one of the reasons people love the brand,” he says.

Lat says Tupperware Brands are synonymous with sophistication and helps to improve the livelihoods of many Malaysian households.

These Tupperware parties resonate well with the brand’s vision in enriching the lives of the people.

Tupperware Brands provides many Malaysians with business opportunities.

Creating an environment to nurture success, the brand allows its partners to work in their own flexible hours, providing them with a work-life balance.

A career with Tupperware Brands not only can become a person’s second income, but has the potential to be turned into a full-time business.

It is rewarding as partners are given recognition for their hard work by earning cars, dream vacations and many other incentives.

Its mission is to change the lives of the people and it has done so by enlightening, educating and empowering their partners.

“Those Tupperware parties of the past meant a lot to housewives and mothers.

“It helped to supplement their family incomes and motivated them to try new things.

“It is a really great thing,” says Lat.

Adding to that, Wong says the brand’s membership has now expanded to people other than homemakers, with new members signing up in large numbers every year.

“Our dealers now come from various backgrounds and we are seeing men and women from the corporate world joining the business.

“We are even seeing more husband-and-wife teams lately.

“We are passionate about changing lives and instilling confidence in every dealer through life-changing opportunities that inspire them to realise their full potentials,” she says.

For this collection, the brand opted for Tupperware’s best-selling One Touch design with its specialised airtight and liquid- tight feature with four different-sized containers.

They are priced at RM149.90 each set.

Wong says the designs are inspired by Malaysia’s National Day and the limited edition set can be given as a gift or kept as a collector’s item.

She says Tupperware products are recognised for its durability and a guarantee against chipping, cracking or peeling under normal non-commercial use.

The products are given a lifetime warranty.

Lat, who has been drawing since he was in primary school, designed four backgrounds for each of the
four Tupperware One Touch containers in the collection.

He portrays his famous character, Mamat, of “Kampung Boy” fame, Mamat’s school teacher and young children, using the trademark black and white colours for the Tupperware artwork.

“You only have to look at the drawings. It’s almost like a song and the feeling you get when you sing along to an old tune.

“You feel something nostalgic when
you see the children laughing and people running about wearing traditional clothes.

“I hope that while you store food in the One Touch containers, you can take your time and be reminded of the essence of our country, Malaysia.” © New Straits Times Press (M) Bhd