Terrifying Video Shows The Incredible Violence Of Sudden Turbulence

Here’s a reminder to keep your seatbelt buckled at all times while flying. 

A video went viral this week that shows sudden turbulence striking an ALK Airlines flight from Kosovo to Switzerland (see above).

I thought we were all going to die,” passenger Mirjeta Basha, who filmed the scene, told local media, per AOL News. 

The flight attendant in the video was attempting to collect drinks and glasses as turbulence was expected, ABC News reported. When it hit, glasses and liquids went airborne.

Ten passengers were taken to a hospital for minor injuries. The flight attendant was in “absolutely good health,” the airline told the network.

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Boarding was managed well by the airline staff, who helped people get their oversized carry ons into luggage compartments.


Probably for no other reason than being nice to the check-in agent, I was given this aisle exit row seat with more leg room than I needed. That was pretty great.

Great Room, Great Responsibility

Here's another look at the exit row because why not.

Exit Row

This exit row seating was on the other side of the plane and also offered lots of space.


I didn't end up using these free headphones they were giving out.

Very Remote

Here's what the remote control looks like. It worked perfectly.


My seat had a pull-out video screen that had all sorts of features which I will explain.


First-run movies like Argo, Lincoln and others were available for free. (Which is $13 less than they cost at the theater near my place in New York.)

More Entertainment

Even more movies to watch for free!


There is also lots and lots of TV. Brian Stelter says we're binging on shows these days, so maybe that explains the availability of the full first season of Mad Men? I watched a lot of that.


Along the way, we were getting continuous updates about our status on these screens.


They also came in English.

Flight Path

And showed our progress on a map.


Soon it was time for a late lunch. This isn't the best meal I've ever had at a restaurant, but most restaurants I go to aren't at 35,000 feet traveling more than 500 miles an hour.


Flipped through this free bi-lingual seat back magazine for a bit. Didn't like their advice to go to Taganga, Colombia -- I think it's a dump -- but you get what you pay for when it comes to travel tips, I guess.

Candy Is Dandy...

After our late lunch, I had myself a free whisky and some of the M&Ms they were handing out. That was pretty great to do while watching Seven Psychopaths, a movie I'm still deciding if I like.


A bit later, they dimmed the lights, which was fine by me since the sun was going down anyway.


See? Pretty dark!


Later I was watching another movie because why not and they came around with a hot snack and more drinks. (All free for the price of an economy seat!)


Additional video screens supplemented our seat-back units.

The View

Here's one more look at the seat in front of me. We made it to Lima, and lots of people gave a round of applause for the captain and crew. They earned it!

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