Can you turn these startups into the next Fortune 500 companies?

Terence Ng

Crave the challenge of building a successful startup? LegalMate, CoconutsMedia are looking for Co-founders and executives who will help them take on the world

Leadership is of paramount importance in determining whether a startup will succeed or fail. Good CEOs and Co-founders can turn an ailing company around and make it profitable (read Jack Welch and Steve Jobs), but a not-so-good one can also spell doom.

This week, we, at e27, bring you three leadership opportunities from our database of 394 jobs from 203 companies. Do you think you have the ability to take these startups further and create the next Fortune 500 companies out of them?

Technical Co-founder at CoFoundersDating
CoFoundersDating is a mobile app that allows entrepreneurs to connect with their prospective co-founders within or outside their vicinity. Its aim is to bridge the gap between aspiring entrepreneurs and talent such as programmers, business developers and marketers, making it easier to build the right team and bring innovation to market.

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Now, CoFoundersDating is looking for a technical Co-founder, who will be taking charge of  improving and developing new features for its apps and back-end systems, and work closely with the Founder on innovation and product enhancement. If you have experience in mobile, HTML, and Ruby development, why not give it a shot?

Technical Co-founder at LegalMate
LegalMate is a matching service that connects people with legal needs to lawyers. Users just need to post a legal question for free, and LegalMate’s panel of lawyers answers in accordance to their areas of expertise. Currently in beta, it will be going live soon, with the aim of disrupting the S$1.9 billion (US$1.52 billion) legal market in Singapore.

To achieve its vision, LegalMate needs a technical Co-founder, who will be in charge of the development of its product in the Ruby language. If you are a creative and passionate self-starter, why not apply and receive a competitive salary, equity stake in company, and even a bonus if company targets are achieved!

Chief Monetisation Officer at Coconuts Media
Coconuts Media is an online media network that harnesses social media to enhance and amplify its coverage of urban areas in Asia. Its aim is to channel the intensely local journalistic spirit of an alt-weekly or the metro section of a daily newspaper, and fuse it with the wealth of information and media available through modern technology.

Right now, Coconuts Media is looking for a savvy, driven, and connected Chief Monetisation Officer in Singapore to implement and maintain sponsored content and banner ads, as well as research and propose additional revenue strategies through sales prospecting. If you are qualified and possess strong operational skills, extensive contacts across Southeast Asia, and an ‘Always Be Closing’ sales mentality, why not apply?

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