From TV series to physical store: Mak Cun Mart opens on May 1


KUALA LUMPUR: Popular hit TV series Mak Cun will open its first physical store Mak Cun Mart in Ukay Perdana here on May 1.

The grocery store is designed as a one-stop centre that carries Mak Cun’s products and will be the main feature in the series’ upcoming third season starting April 20.

Erma Fatima who plays the role Mak Cun said the third season would see her failing to win over big chain retailers and have her products carried on their shelves.

“Being a gutsy ‘usahawan kampung’, she took matters in her own hand and turned her storage lot into a mart. Her spirit serves as an inspiration for women,” said Erma after the launching of the Mak Cun Mart at Sri Pentas Bandar Utama, Petaling Jaya.

In the past two seasons, the series focused largely on ‘bedak sejuk’ (a traditional cooling face powder made from rice) but for this new season, the show will be promoting close to 20 Mak Cun products including curry powder, dalcha, asam pedas paste, coffee, tea, soy sauce, kuey teow sauce, chocolate and Malay traditional costumes.

“All of these products are local products produced by entrepreneurs from rural areas,” said Erma.

Media Prima Berhad TonTon Licensing and Merchandising Director, Airin Zainul said Mak Cun products also available at

“With the endless support for the drama series, telemovies and theatre, it is undeniable that the launch of Mak Cun Mart is going to be another hit.

“Apart from reaching out to the ardent fans of the show, the website can help other small- and medium-sized enterprises (SME) to reach out to their consumers as well.

“After the initial businesses are stabilised, our next move will focus on licensing, merchandising and franchising (of the Mak Cun brand) nationwide,” said Airin.

“It is undeniable that Mak Cun herself is an icon for the nation. The drama series has captivated the hearts of millions with its strong elements of entrepreneurship and family values. With the loving support from the viewers, we are certain that the third season will be an absolute hit,” he added.