TV show grants wish of hardworking mother in Romblon

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Geraldine Romero

Geraldine Romero collecting spines of dried coconut leaves to make broom sticks.

Geraldine Romero’s husband left Romblon and ventured into the busy streets of Manila in search of a better job.  A fisherman by trade, he was forced to leave his family in the province due to insufficient income.

“My husband decided to go to Manila with no particular job. He is too old to be a security guard again. He is employed as a construction worker. Sometimes he does welding, electrical and tiling ,” Geraldine said.

Five of Geraldine’s seven children go to school. The P1,500 that her husband sends is barely enough to cover their expenses.

This prompted Geraldine or ‘Gie’ to look for another source of income such as making stick brooms out of dried coconut leaves and selling cooked vegetables to neighbors.  Gie is willing to endure anything for the future of her children.

She then decided to write Kuya Daniel Razon’s TV program, “Munting Pangarap” in the hopes of changing their lives for the better.

“I wish to have a small capital, a small store, with vegetables to sell either raw or cooked. I can sell them in the neighborhood or just place them in front of the house,” she said.

The program did not disappoint and granted Gie’s wish.

“Munting Pangarap” is a charity-oriented television show being aired at UNTV 37 and with constant support from Members Church of God International (MCGI) led by Brother Eli Soriano and veteran journalist/philanthropist, Daniel Razon.

“Today, Gie, ‘Munting Pangarap’ and Kuya Daniel are granting your wish for a source of income. Bro. Eli Soriano wants to give you this additional capital. May this help you,” MCGI representative Bro. Danny Navales said as he presented Gie with a livelihood package of grocery items that she can use to kick-start small variety store.

Grateful and teary-eyed Geraldine thanked her sponsors, “Firstly, thank you God.  Thanks to Brother Eli Soriano, Brother Daniel Razon, and UNTV for granting our wish for a small business to help our family.”   —  Mirasol Abogadil | UNTV News & Rescue

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