TVB and ATV to co-produce London Olympics programmes

TVB and ATV to co-produce London Olympics programmes

27 Jul - TVB and ATV, the two major free-to-air television channels runner will co-produce and co-broadcast the London Olympics' Games event and its related programs.

This is the very first time two rival stations would collaborate together on the acquisition of broadcasting rights from the International Olympic Committee (IOC) in Hong Kong.

According to Hong Kong media, TVB veteran host Eric Tsang and Natalis Chan will be taking part in hosting the Olympics-related programmes together with ATV's famous host, Kenneth Chan.

In regards to this, Eric said it is "wonderful" to see the collaboration between the two major television stations in Hong Kong. Meanwhile ATV's Kenneth said this would be his first time to step into TVB's city area for working purposes.

It is known that they will be using the same studio to co-host the opening ceremony of the Olympics. All the Olympics-related programmes will be broadcasted in dual sound, English and Cantonese in TVB and ATV platforms.