TVB cancels ‘live’ telecast of its 52nd Anniversary Gala show due to Hong Kong protests

Sylvia Looi
Co-host of the programme Hong Kong actress and singer Liza Wang with the anniversary cake in conjunction with TVB's 52nd anniversary celebration. — Facebook/ Lizawangliza

KUALA LUMPUR, Nov 20 — For the first time in its 52 year history, Hong Kong station TVB called off the “live” broadcast of its anniversary celebration last night in light of safety concerns due to protests in the island state.

Hong Kong daily Ming Pao reported that the “live” telecast was instead replaced by a recording of what was supposed to be the final rehearsal.

In a statement issued by the broadcaster yesterday after the eleventh-hour cancellation of the show scheduled for last night, it stated that change in programming was due to “protests taking place in several districts.”

Citing multiple roadblocks and damaged traffic lights in the Tseung Kwan leading to unpredictable traffic conditions as well as consideration for the safety of guests’ safety, TVB apologised for cancelling the “live” telecast.

“We express our apologies for this. Our anniversary show will still air tonight at 8:30 as scheduled.” 

Artists involved were said to have been called back to the studio to secretly record the show in what was supposed to be a rehearsal that ended up being the real deal.

Ming Pao also reported that media invited for coverage were also informed of the cancellation at the last minute.

A check by the daily’s reporter at TVB City found no gathering of crowds and said that the venue lacked the air of festivities, with deserted studios, with even the anniversary cake left on stage.

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