This Twisted, Spinning Waterslide Is Not For The Faint Of Heart

If you thoughtan ultra-tall waterslide was terrifying, just wait till you see this twisted creation.

German waterslide supplier Wiegand.maelzer unveiled plans fora giant slide-Ferris wheel hybrid thatrotates as passengers zip through a tangled chutethat stretches nearly 80 feet high. They call it theSlidewheel, and it looks utterly gut-jolting. 

Videos from Slidewheel test runs show passengers sloshing around in the tube as it rotates. Passengers ride in four-person rafts, and the entire experience lasts about two minutes, Wiegand.maelzer co-founder Rainer Maelzer told Attractions Magazine. The rotation speed can be adjusted for a more family-friendly ride or a harrowing g-force experience, with rafts reaching a maximum speed of 25 miles per hour, according to Hackaday.

Slidewheel isn’t in waterparks just yet, but the company has sealed three deals in yet-to-be-named locations to make it a reality, Attractions reports. 


This article originally appeared on HuffPost.