Twitter index: Australian football match, happy Friday

On Friday, May 17, Twitter users are talking about the Australian rules football game between the West Coast Eagles and the North Melbourne Kangaroos and wishing each other a happy Friday. 

Friday, May 17, saw the West Coast Eagles take on the Norh Melbourne Kangaroos at the Patersons Stadium in Western Australia.

After a tense game the Eagles won by 90 points to the Kangaroos' 88 points. However some fans of the sport have taken to Twitter to express dissatisfaction with the game, and the umpire in particular after he penalized the Kangroos for a high tackle late in the game. Twitter user @DogByte54 wrote "I don't blame Eagles staggers. Good luck to them. Blame squarely at umpires feet. Appalling tonight, in last 3 mins. #AFLEaglesNorth"; Sam Good (@SamGood14) wrote "Wow, some of the worst umpiring I have ever seen #verystiff #afleaglesnorth" and Beck Darby (@becdarby) expressed sympathy for the Kangaroos, writing, "Not a North fan but my heart feels for them...what an end #afleaglesnorth."

Elsewhere on Twitter microbloggers are wishing one another a happy end of the working week with the Spanish language term "Feliz Viernes," which translates as "Happy Friday" in English.

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